• United We Still Stand

    America is a nation of strong beliefs. Sometimes our beliefs conflict. Yet even when we feel divided, we remember this is “still my America,” and there are deeper values that unite us all. #StillMyAmerica is a place to showcase and celebrate the values of dignity, tolerance and respect that define the American identity today, and for the future.


Tell us your #StillMyAmerica story on Twitter and Instagram. What makes you proud about your country, your community or your school? What causes you concern? How will you make a positive difference and help promote dignity, tolerance and respect? Just tag #StillMyAmerica in your tweet or post.

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#StillMyAmerica Posters

It’s important to remind ourselves of the good and honorable achievements of everyday Americans. Check out the lineup of #StillMyAmerica posters below. These posters feature inspiration by people from many walks of American life. Download your free copies for your home, office or classroom. Let us know your favorites by “liking” and sharing on social media.

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RULES: The purpose of #StillMyAmerica is to showcase and celebrate the positive values that are woven throughout our national identity, across the political spectrum. We reserve the right to select which submissions are posted. Please do not submit content that includes profanity, violence or discriminating messages. Submitting a poster does not guarantee publication on the website.